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Jack and Gwen Daily

A Daily Drabble Community

Jack/Gwen Daily - A Daily Drabble Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Jack/Gwen Daily Drabbles

The Basics
- Only members of the community can post drabbles, but anyone can read them!

- Keep all posts inside the community.

- The purpose of this community is to have at least one (there can be more) drabble posted everyday.

- All drabbles must be Jack/Gwen. Other pairings, characters and POVs are welcome. As long as they're part of a Jack/Gwen story.

- Posting prompts for other writers, even if you are not a writer yourself, is allowed and encouraged.

- Please read the How To Post entry for the posting guidelines and the definition of a drabble before posting.

- Don't forget to read the Warnings and Clarifications to learn that some actions have consequences.

- See our Tags List for a list of our explained tags that will be used in every post.

- You do not need a writers tag to post, but you can request one at the Tags List page. With a writers tag your drabbles can all be found in one place under that tag, making them easier for people to get to.

- The things you can't do: No Flaming. No Posting Graphics (unless they're to be used as prompts and kept under an LJ-CUT). Use LJ CUTS unless you're posting a list of prompts. No anonymous comments. Only drabbles of 100-250 words posted here, other longer works of fiction can be posted on jack_and_gwen.
There will be challenges every week, as long as the mods can handle it. They're fairly easy to keep up with, so just stay tuned to community posts. You can read the Challenges: How To to learn how they work.

Current Open Challenge(s): Challenge #18 - Prompt: Shadows
Mar 6 - Apr 10
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To see the full Challenge Timetable, click here.

Obviously, the challenges will run on the Mod's Time Zone which will differ from your Time Zone. This means that a challenge may end earlier than the actual date for you if you live on a different Time Zone.

This is the Community's Official Challenge Time Zone
Click it to know my Time

Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC - 05:00 hour
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Contact Us
Any questions or other concerns, you can leave a comment on our Frequently Asked Questions entry (Comments will be screened) and a mod will reply as soon as possible.

Your friendly mods, luxuria_oceanus, chris4short and dryler. All images in this community were a collaboration by the mods, do not take or use anywhere else.
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This community was inspired and created in reflection of spark_daily with permission of the lovely mod, speckleberry!

Important Disclaimer: Torchwood doesn't belong to us. Nor do the characters. This community is made for entertainment only and no profit comes out of it in any way. All writing here is purely fictional and adult content may appear, but can be easily avoided if you follow the ratings.